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There are many people all across the world that are affected by kidney stones. In fact, up to 10% of the world’s population may be affected by this disorder. This is one of the most painful experiences that a patient can endure. Some people describe this pain to be on par with what is experienced during childbirth.

When a patient suffers from a smaller kidney stone, they usually don’t need surgery. Those stones that are under 5 mm in size will usually pass out naturally. They will often pass through in the urine within 1-4 weeks after they have formed. Larger stones may actually require some minor surgical procedures to operate on them. Most people will of course want to avoid surgery if possible. There are a few alternatives like pulsing shock waves and a urethroscopy. Kidney stone sufferers might to try out some natural alternatives that are easy on their bodies. Some people might want to try out the kidney cleanse system, which can dissolve kidney stones before they become too big. This is primarily done by just drinking a lot water. It can be done in quite a few ways:

- Kidney Cleanse using Watermelon – Many people may realize that watermelon contains quite a bit of water inside of it. It would be best for diabetics not to try this method. You will need to eat quite a bit of watermelon to see results. You can even fill your bathtub up and simply eat the fruit from there.

- Kidney Cleanse using celery seed tea – For this method, you will need to steep freshly ground celery seed in a few cups of boiling water. Let it cool before you drink it. You will need to consider drinking this tea for up to 3-4 times a day. It can help in the elimination of waste and toxins that have build up over time.

- Kidney Cleanse using watermelon seed tea – This method can be used as a diuretic, which is very helpful for both kidney and bladder cleansing. Try this out by pouring some boiling water over your watermelon seed extract. Strain the tea and allow it to cool. Try to drink this tea for a period of three weeks.

If you would like other home remedies, you can try these out as well:

- Get 600 mL of boiling water. Then you may want to add a mixture of celery seed, parsley, fennel bulb and 25 grams of asparagus root inside of the water. You can drink this daily if you have kidney stones to detoxify your body.

- Make an extract of basil leaves that you can take once a month. This will help strengthen your kidneys. Stronger kidneys will be more capable of passing a stone through them.

- Many people have found that Pomegranate seeds are useful for helping with kidney stones. You can actually grind these Pomegranate seeds in to a paste. You can actually combine one tablespoon of this paste with two tablespoons of horse gram. This mixture can be used to make a soup.

It will be beneficial to use these remedies to get rid of kidney stones. Always combine them with plenty of intake of water and a healthy diet. If the composition of the stone varies, it may take a different amount of time for it to pass.

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