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The flank is the area that lies between your hip and your last rib, with there being minimal tenderness to the outer skin of this location. You should go see your doctor if you are experiencing other symptoms such as frequent urination and fever that go along with the pain in this area, as these could be bad indicators for your health. While at your doctor, tests such as an X-ray, a CT-scan and an ultrasound should be ran. Usually if the pain is from a medical condition which is serious, you will experience additional symptoms like the ones listed above.You can experience a low amount of pain as well from a urinary tract infection, but sometimes you will find that the pain can be more substantial.

With the help of the various indicators, plus the results of the medical testing, the causes for your pain need to be determined so that the correct treatment plan can be made. Many people try to use over-the-counter pain medication for the pain they are feeling. This can work for some people; however a trip to the doctor’s office is needed for others to better their health. Below you will find the main things which cause your flank region to become painful.

Polycystic Kidney Disease – With this condition, you will see cyst sacs which are non-cancerous spreading out rapidly in your kidney, and you could experience great pain in the region of your flank because of it. This is where we see the complications this disease is known for. Two effects which can be very destructive and harmful from polycystic kidney disease are failure of your kidneys and high blood pressure.

Basic Back Problems – You can experience your flank area feeling strained due to extreme physical exertion, which will also cause pain in this region of your body. You might feel that the area between your back and your stomach is being stretched when you are experiencing sudden pain in your back.

Gastrointestinal Problems – Major pain in your flank area can be solely or partially due to gastrointestinal disorders. Some of the main things that affect this region are conditions such as IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food poisoning, gastroenteritis and peptic ulcers.

Gynecological Issues – An ectopic pregnancy can cause you to have pain in your right flank while you are pregnant. An ultrasound of your pelvic area can easily help diagnose this very frequent reason for episodes of flank pain found in women. When tissue much like the lining of your uterus is discovered in your pelvic cavity, this is a condition known as endometriosis.

Radiculitis – When you experience an injury in your thoracic nerve in your lumbar region, this condition is known as radiculitis. The pain you will have because of this injury is very severe. The pain level increases when your muscles which lie between the ribs are affected.

Herpes Zoster Infection – This is a virus which will cause you to experience a more moderate burning feeling around the area of your flank. When you develop small cysts or sacs in yoru skin, you will have pain in your lumbar area. An early indicator of this condition will be the appearance of these cysts or cyst-like areas.

Pyelonephritis – Affecting your kidney, this is an infection of your urinary tract. Kidney inflammation will be present with this condition. Some symptoms you will experience with Pyelonephritis are a burning sensation while urinating, tenderness in your lumbar region and also a feeling of lightheadedness.

Infections – Generally caused by germs, having an infection in your urinary tract could lead to you experiencing pain in your flank region. These germs cause a bladder infection when they go from your intestine and then enter your bladder by way of your urethra. This is a very treatable infection, however, you will likely experience pain until the urinary tract infection is totally healed.

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